The Dutch Society of Dental Sleep Medicine (NVTS) was officially founded on December 24th 2008 in Almelo, The Netherlands. The founding members are oral and maxillofacial resident Aarnoud Hoekema, DDS, PhD and orthodontist Hayé Remmelink, DDS, PhD. The preceding meetings for the foundation of the NVTS started in June 2008. The society has six board members. The NVTS is an organisation whose membership consists of dentists and dental specialists.

The NVTS primarily focuses on dental aspects of diagnosis and treatment of sleep related breathing disorders ranging from benign snoring to severe obstructive apnea. The society intends to promote and extend the knowledge of dental sleep medicine through annual scientific meetings, courses and newsletters. In addition the society will develop collaboration with experts in the field of sleep medicine and seek connections with dental and medical university departments related to sleep medicine, health insurance companies and governmental health care institutions. The NVTS plans to contact and create relationships with other dental sleep medicine organisations. The society will establish and maintain a protocol for the treatment of patients with oral appliances, based on Dutch and international guidelines. A certification procedure of members will also be incorporated.

Dr. A. Hoekema, president
Dr. ing. M.H.J. Doff, vice-president
Drs. J.W. Hylkema, finance
Drs. F.W. Huisman, secretary
Mw. drs. M.G.L. Neuteboom, 2e secretary
Mw. drs. C.R.D. Goedhart-Gravendijk, member
Drs. D.P. Dietvorst, member

Postbus 31441, 6503 CK Nijmegen
The Netherlands.
Phone number 0031 24 354 04 79